Construction Progress Photo's

Week 31 Construction photo

Week 35-4/2/2004
Concrete was poured to form the flooring for the second floor this week.  The Masons have been busy as usual constructing block wall throughout the first floor interior.  The Roofers have been busy constructing the base of the roof.  The Electrician has installed work lights througout the interior of the structure.  Window and door frames have been delivered along with metal studs for interior construction. 4/4/04 Air 41 Wind 5

Week 36 Construction Photo
Week 36-4/9/2004
Warmer temperatures bring more activity.  Concrete was poured to finish the first floor.  Masons have started putting up staging to construct walls on the southeast corner of the structure (photo lower left).  Insulation and plywood has been applied to the roof in preparation for the application of the finish material.  Some door frames have been installed and chalk lines have laid out the interior partitions.  4/10/04 Air 43 Wind 10

Week 37 Construction Photo
Week 37-4/16/2004
It seems like spring is finally here.  Despite several days of rain this week work continues towards completion of the project.  Here the Roofing contractor is putting time in on Saturday to get things buttoned up.  The Masons kept busy on interior partitions and setting staging for exterior walls.  Many, many tradesman are on site doing their part to add to the big picture we see here.  Some of that "rough in" work we just can't see in our photo...water and sewer lines, plumbing and electrical work to name just a few.  4/17/04 Air 52 Wind SE6

Week 38 Construction Photo
Week 38-4/23/2004
Wow...lots of things changing this week.  Block wall from the ground all the way to the upper level where window sills will be put in place.  Metal framing for the exterior walls of the upper mezzanine area have been installed.  The antenna mast was installed on Thursday (photo upper right).  Although this photo makes it appear as though it's on the building it actually sits on a concrete pad behind the garage.  Lot's of duct work, plumbing and electrical work going on inside.  4/24/04 Air 55 Wind W15

Week 39 Construction Photo
Week 39-4/30/2004
Progress continues to enclose the structure.  Probably the most notable from the photo is the yellow wall sheathing on the upper mezzine area.  The color just makes it stand out.  But this is just one part of the whole project.  There's lots of work going on inside the structure.  All the Tradesman are busy building the infrastructure of the facility.  The elevator shaft is complete and lots of work is ongoing with air handling systems.  4/30/04

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