Construction Progress Photo's

Week 1 Construction Photo

Week 1- 8/8/2003
The construction trailer has been put in place in the upper left of the photo.  Arrangements have been made to relocate the fence lines to enclose the construction area.  This created some changes to the parking areas for Police employees and Beach goers.  The wide angle camera lens gives the illusion of great open spaces.

Week 2 Construction Photo

Week 2-8/15/2003
Big changes took place as fence crews moved in to place temporary fencing along the construction site boundary.   The old department fencing has been removed.  A silt fence has been installed on the borders with the salt marsh.  Portable toilets have been located for construction crews.  Cruiser and employee parking has been reorganized.

Week 3 Construction Photo

Week 3-8/22/2003
The first real construction activity has begun.  The asphalt surface has been ground up and recycled as a base for the site.  This set the stage for survey crews to locate the positions for pilings that will support the buildings foundation.  Long steel "H" beams are driven deep through the soil to the bedrock below.  Several of the beams lay on the ground in the upper right side of this photograph.

Week 4 Construction Photo

Week 4-8/29/2003

Work continued through the week on foundation pilings.  Several of the "H" Beams can be seen standing vertical on either side of the white van in this photo.  The installation of pilings also involved the excavation of earth.  It has been piled in the rear left corner of the site.  Electrical crews started resetting utility poles near the Brown Avenue (right side of photo) side of the site.

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