Construction Progress Photo's

Week 53 Construction photo

Week 53-8/6/2004
It's hard to imagine that a year has past.  The Masons have finished their major efforts along the front face of the building.  Work has begun to face the walkway ramp with brick.  We'll see more of that in a moment.  Sheetrock work "mudding" and "taping" continues throughout the interior.  Painting, electrical work, plumbing, glazing continue all over the building.  Lockers for employees and evidence have been installed giving us a real impression of the future finished look.  This week we see one of the Last Bricks being put in place.   8/6/2004 Air 61 Wind NW5

Week 54 Construction Photo
Week 54-8/13/2004
We're seeing more of a finished look.  The Masons have been busy with the whole front walkway area.  The Glaziers have installed glass along the front area we see here.  The roofing structure for the tower is under construction.  The Electricians have begun wiring the parking lot light poles.  Work continues everywhere through out the building.  8/16/2004 Air 63 Wind NW3

Week 55 Construction Photo
Week 55-8/20/2004
The Masons continue their finish work along the front walkway placing finish brick and cap stones along the wall area.  The Roofers are working on the last portion of the main roof above the walkway area at the front of the building.  Finish grading of the site has taken place and the Paving people started putting a base coat of asphalt down on the south side of the building.  Finish work continues everywhere.  8/20/2004 Air 72 Wind Vrbl 2

Week 56 Construction Photo
Week 56-8/27/2004
The Masons have pretty much wrapped up their work here at the front of the building.  The Pavers have the base coat of the parking areas in place.  The Glass has been installed and framing put in place for the main lobby entrance.  The Electricians have put up the lighting in the parking areas.  The Roofers have finished the front area and continue their work on the north and west exposures.  The Tower roof framing continues along with the installation of a lightning arrestor at the top.  8/27/2004 Air 68 Wind  SW9

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