Construction Progress Photo's

Week 18 Construction photo

Week 18-12/5/2003
Getting closer to completion.  The north side (right side of the frame) is nearly complete.  The center of this photo is the last area of the foundation walls that remain to be completed.  There's a flurry of activity on the site to prepare for the seasons first heavy snows expected just hours after these photos were taken.

Week19 Construction Photo
Week 19-12/12/2003
It doesn't show but little remains of over 1 1/2 feet of snow since last week.  In some of the shadows, snow patches are still visible.  The front corner behind the pickup trucks remains the focal point for the remaining foundation work.

Week 20 Construction Photo
Week 20-12/19/2003
This week again leaves the concentrated effort on the area located in the center of this photo.  This week also saw another 6-8" snow fall that was washed away by heavy rains.  The Pile driving crane is visible in the right rear corner of the site.  It's on site to drive beams to support a base for the new digital communications antenna.

Week 21 Construction Photo
Week 21-12/26/2003
Final form...concrete forms that is.  Even though it's a shorter week because of Christmas the majority of the foundation form work is complete.  At the center rear of this photo an Excavator is inside the foundation area backfilling the walls with earth.  The Piles for the antenna base have been driven and the form is under construction for the concrete pour.

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