Construction Progress Photo's

Week 27 Construction photo

Week 27-2/6/2004
Snow and frigid temperatures continue to factor in construction progress.  Roof decking continues to be applied to the structure.  Blocks have been delivered for the upcoming work on the outbuilding at the rear of the site.  2/8/04 Air 14 Wind 30

Week 28 Construction Photo
Week 28-2/13/2004
Roof decking is completed.  The sun reflecting off the shiny metal gives the illusion of snow cover in this photo.  Frigid temperatures continued this week.  2/15/04 Air 12 Wind 14

Week 29 Construction Photo
Week 29-2/20/2004
Lot's of activity this week.  The front entrance and ramp area have been back filled.  Work is on going to remove the frozen earth ramp at the right side of the photo.  The Masons have setup staging and positioned block to construct the out building.  Precast moldings are being hung from the vertical steel on each side of the building.  2/20/04 Air 37 Wind 9

Week 30 Construction Photo
Week 30-2/27/2004
Preparation work continues for the masons.  Staging and block has been put in place here at the front entrance area.  In the right background staging and prep work continues on the outbuilding.  All the precast moldings have been hung with care.  2/27/04 Air 21 Wind 6

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