Construction Progress Photo's

Week 22 Construction photo

Week 22-1/2/2004
The first steel for the building frame arrived on Monday 12/29/03.  The frame work has risen out of the ground and begins to take shape.  It's been a very busy week...lot's of steel beams have been put in place.  Work continues with backfilling and form work on the graceful curve of the front entrance area at the center of the photo. 

Week 23 Construction Photo
Week 23-1/9/2004
Concrete work is being finished in the front entrance area of the building(center front of the photo).  The steel frame work continues to be put in place.  The roof lines are taking shape on the left side of this photo.  Not visible in the photo is the bitterly cold 6 degree temperature with a 10mph wind chill.

Week 24 Construction Photo
Week 24-1/16/2004
Steel continues to be put in place to form the skeleton of the building.  The roof line is in place topped off with our nations flag.  Arctic sub-zero temperatures, snow squalls, and dangerous low wind chills slowed progess this week.

Week 25 Construction Photo
Week 25-1/23/2004
The steel is done...  Corrugated metal has been put in place on the second floor structure and some on the roof lines.  Safety cables have been installed on the second floor.  There's still some concrete work ongoing at the main entrance area.  Forms are still in place and new concrete remains covered to help it cure in this arctic weather.  Taking shape...

Week 26 Construction Photo
Week 26-1/30/2004
Concrete forms have been stripped off the curve at the main entrance area.  Floor decking has been put in place and roof decking is also being put in place.  The masons are getting ready to start on the outbuilding.  The foundation of the outbuilding is just visible at the right rear corner of the main building.  Arctic temperatures continue to chill activity.

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