Construction Progress Photo's

Week 48 Construction photo

Week 48-7/2/2004
The Roofing Contractor continues cladding surfaces with metal.  Meanwhile the Masons are making it around from the South face of the building to the East Side.  Insulation is put in place first and then the finish brick is placed.  The Electrical Contractor has been busy making wire runs for lighting to the exterior overhangs and walking surfaces at the front of the building.  The distinctive sound of screw guns fastening Sheetrock to interior wall studs has been steady through the week.   6/30/2004 Air 68 Wind W7

Week 49 Construction Photo
Week 49-7/9/2004
Sorry no weekly building progress photo.  The Webmaster is vacationing this week.  So instead a photo of a "Free Spirit" running through the surf.  Look at the smile on his face.  This shot is looking northeast from the main beach towards Boars Head.  See you next week!   7/9/2004

Week 50 Construction Photo
Week 50-7/16/2004
Wow, lot's of busy crews in this shot.  Work continues on the roofing system as the metal is applied by workmen (Upper Left).  As we can see the Masons have been very busy.  Here we see them setting staging around the flag tower.  Glaziers have started putting glass in, as we can see the upper level has been completed.  Inside the sheetrockers, painters, electricians, and plumbers concentrate their efforts.  Things are really taking shape.  Lets take a look at the Training Room7/16/2004 Air 73 Wind SW7

Week 51 Construction Photo
Week 51-7/23/2004
The Masons are rockin!  The flag tower is pretty much complete with more work still to be done here on the front face of the building.  Our Roofers continue to cover the main areas of the structure.  The front stairs have been poured.  The west side glass has been installed as work continues throughout the building.  Roof trusses and decking have been installed on the garage.  We wish the rains and moisture would go away.  This week lets look across the hallway at the Detectives Office7/23/2004 Air 72 Wind S8

Week 52 Construction Photo
Week 52-7/30/2004
We heard a rumor...last brick goes in next week!  Here we are finishing the front of the building.  There's lots of glass that's been installed about 50%.  Things are sure getting close!  Work continues everywhere throughout the building.  A little different tour this week as we view each of the faces of the building.  We haven't seen all the different Elevation Views in our progress photos.  7/30/2004 Air 77 Wind Vrbl 3

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