Construction Progress Photo's

Week 40 Construction photo

Week 40-5/7/2004
Work continues...There are lot's of Tradesman on the job.  Detail work continues to develop throughout the interior of the building.  The final image of the structure continues to form before our eyes.  The main stairwell at the center of the photo is taking shape.  5/7/2004 Air 64 Wind SW8

Week 41 Construction Photo
Week 41-5/14/2004
Big changes continue to take place.  Most noticable is the application of the black water repellant to the exterior of the concrete block.  The scaffolding on the north side of the building (right side of photo) indicates where the Masons have started placing exterior finish bricks.  Lot's of work continues inside the structure.  Outside the grounds are being backfilled and graded to establish the finish levels of the work site.  5/15/2004 Air 63 Wind E9

Week 42 Construction Photo
Week 42 - 5/21/2004
Can we say "ditto" to the caption for Week 41?  Visually more water repellant has been applied to the exterior surfaces of the block.  Plywood sheathing has been applied over the insulation on the upper mezanine.  The Masons continue their progress giving us the first views of the finished look along the north side.  Their work continues around to the west side of the building not visible in this photo.  Grading and compacting of the building site has continued and included the placement of precast concrete footings for exterior lighting.  5/22/2004 Air 43 Wind N12

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