Construction Progress Photo's

Week 66 Construction Photo

Week 66-11/5/2004
The fencing is done.  The landscaping is done.  The outside lighting is on.  Traffic control signs are up.  Finish paving is scheduled for next week.  The Electricians continue to move throughout the building activating circuits.  Floor coverings are nearly complete.  Detail work continues everywhere in a flurry of activity and manpower.  Cleanup crews are scheduled for next week as we move closer to the milestone of substantial completion of the building.  11/5/2004 Air 45 Wind W16 G29

Week 67 Construction Photo
Week 67-11/12/2004
Paving crews worked in the cold to complete the finish coat around the building.  Electrical circuits have been energized through out every room.  Environmental systems are functioning and being balanced.  Security systems and cameras are being brought on line and programmed.  In a repeat line from last week finish details continue to be worked on everywhere.  Floor coverings are in place while baseboard trim is being applied.  Painters continue to move room by room applying finish coats.  Substantial completion is only a week away.  11/12/2004 Air 34 Wind NE9

Week 68 Construction Photo
Week 68-11/19/2004
The early morning sun lights up the front of the building in this photo.  We've arrived at a point in construction called "Substantial Completion".  All the building components and systems have been installed and completed.  What remains to be done includes finish painting in various parts of the building, cleanup and punch list details.  This week Installation Contractors conducted familiarization and maintenance briefings for Police personnel on the buildings controls, boilers, electrical, emergency power and mechanical systems.   Work continues on telephone, security, surveillance, and network data connections.  Plans have been set for a Flag raising, Ribbon cutting ceremony on December 13, 2004 at 6:30Pm.  11/19/2004 Air 52 Wind W6

Final Construction Photo
Week 72-12/13/2004
Our Flags were raised at the new building during a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by many on 12/13/04.  On December 21, 2004 at 5 Pm the Hampton Police Department went operational in the new facility.  What a great change!

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