Construction Progress Photo's

Week 9 Construction Photo

Week 9-10/3/2003
Work on the piling caps has progressed throughout the week.  The caps have been poured and work is progressing forming the foundation grid walls.  The "grid" will transmit the weight of the entire building and it's contents down through the pilings to bedrock.

Week 10 Construction Photo

Week 10-10/10/2003
The majority of the piling caps have been poured and work continues to construct the foundation wall forms.  The building is beginning to rise  up out of the ground.  The south walls show the greatest progress in this weeks panorama.

Week 11 Construction Photo

Week 11-10/17/2003
Work continues on the foundation walls.  Many wall sections and forms are visible on the south side of the building in this view.  Extensive work has been done at leveling and compacting soil around the piling caps in preparation for the foundation wall forms.

Week 12 Construction Photo

Week 12-10/24/2003
The foundation "grid" continues to grow.  Not clearly visible in this shot is the extensive amount of work being done at tying steel rebar together to make a skeleton inside the concrete forms.  In the center foreground there are several light colored squares and rectangles of concrete.  These are the tops of piling caps that will support the foundation wall grid work.

Week 13 Construction Photo

Week 13-10/31/2003
Foundation walls are growing from the ground up.  The walls have moved further to the north this week.

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