Construction Progress Photo's

Week 61 Construction photo

Week 61-10/1/2004
The most visible changes this week...the sidewalks have been finished and glass is being installed in the main entrance area.  Fence posts are being installed around the site.  Finishing details have been applied to the main roof areas.  Meanwhile finish work continues inside the building.  10/1/2004 Air 61 Wind Vrbl5

Week 62 Construction Photo
Week 62-10/8/2004
Work continues making the building weather tight on the main roof areas.  Work is also underway at installing the soffit along the roof overhangs.  The majority of the fence posts have been installed along the borders of the site.  Detail finish work continues throughout the building.  10/8/2004 Air 46 Wind W2

Week 63 Constrution Photo
Week 63-10/15/2004
Outside work moves on with fencing installed on the east side of the property line.  The facia boards on the Tower have been covered with metal.  The metal roofing system has also been applied to the majority of the Garage.  Final grading along the site borders is being completed.  Inside, the lobby floor has been installed while the Electricians, Cabinet Makers, Heating Systems People, Plumbers, and Painters continue to move room to room completing finishing details.  On a separate contract for radio communications, Dispatch Consoles were delivered and assembled.  10/16/2004 Air 57 Wind SW15 G24

Week 64 Construction Photo
Week 64-10/22/2004
It's still very busy we see lot's of activity on Saturday morning.  The site contractor is bringing topsoil to finish the perimeter of the property.  Plants and bushes have been brought on site for planting.  Signs to control the flow of traffic have been installed.  The framework of the perimeter fence is in place around the entire property.  Here we see finishing details being applied to the roofing system on the tower.  Railings for the entry walkways have been delivered.  We can see some of them on the ramp just above the red pickup truck in our photo.  Inside finish work continues...this week we saw the start of carpeting being installed.  10/23/2004 Air 46 Wind NE12

Week 65 Construction Photo
Week 65-10/29/2004
Mild weather continues to factor into all the details being completed outside.  Here we can see plantings have been put in place at the front and north side of the building.  Handrails have been installed along the walkway ramp.  Guttering and down spouts are being placed over the front entrance and north side walk ways.  Fence fabric has been installed and stretched along the perimeter.  Inside a flurry of activity as the Electricians move through rooms making circuits live.  Carpeting continues to be installed throughout the building.  Painters are applying finish coats to many rooms.  The heating system is online and functional.  Finish details continue to be completed everywhere throughout the facility.  10/29/2004 Air 34 Wind W2

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