Construction Progress Photo's

Week 5 Construction Photo

Week 5-9/5/2003
"H" beams continue to be sunk for the foundation.  More steel in the form of reinforcing rod, "rebar" has arrived on site for future work on the piling caps.  Excavation at the each of the individual piling sites continues to make the earth mounds at the rear of the site grow larger.

Week 6 Construction Photo

Week 6-9/12/2003
The piling work for the main building has been completed.  The next phase of work involves the outbuilding at the rear of the site.

Week 7 Construction Photo

Week 7-9/19/2003

All piling work has been finished for the main building and the outbuilding.  All the equipment associated with that work has been removed from the site.

Week 8 Construction Photo

Week 8-9/26/03
It's been a busy week constructing piling caps.  Steel reinforcing rod has been tied to the "H" beams and the first concrete was poured on 9/25/03.  In the background the earth that has been removed from each piling site is being put through a screener to remove large rocks and debris.  The earth will eventually be used to back-fill the piling sites.

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