Construction Progress Photo's

Week 57 Construction photo

Week 57-9/3/2004
Each week brings more and more changes.  This week we see the addition of flag poles and Hampton Police Department lettering to the faces of the building.  Meanwhile inside finish work continues everywhere.   Interior doors, handles, and hardware have been installed.  Painters, Tilers, Electricians, Plumbers, and Sheetrock hangers continue to work at completing their tasks.  9/3/2004 Air 57 Wind W6

Week 58 Construction Photo
Week 58-9/10/2004
Just when we thought that we'd seen most of the major changes another comes along.  This week granite curbing was installed around the building and parking areas.  Concrete was poured on some walkway areas at the west side of the building but mid-week rain stopped those activities.  Finish work continues everywhere.  9/10/2004 Air 66  Wind W12

Week 59 Construction Photo
Week 59-9/17/2004
More and more detail is brought out in the building.  Outside we see that the walkways have been prepared for a concrete pour.  The Tower roofing has been framed and prepared for the finish material to be applied.  The phone company was on site today to pull fiber optic cable into the building for phone services.  9/17/2004 Air 68 Wind W7

Week 60 Construction Photo
Week 60-9/24/2004
Another week gone by as finish work continues throughout the site.  In today's photo we can see sidewalk concrete being poured here on the north side of the building.  The good weather has really been a plus in getting the details completed.  Primary corner poles have been placed for the security gates and fencing around the south and west sides of the building.  Inside finish work continues with casework for interior cabinets being installed.  9/24/2004 Air 54 Wind NW3

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