Construction Walk Through

Booking Area Sally Port Entrance Photo

Booking Area Entrance

Here we're standing in the Sally Port facing the entryway to the Booking areas.  The two doors at the center of the photo lead us to the Processing Areas.  On our right is Adult Booking and the left would take us into Juvenile Booking..

Adult Booking Entrance

We're looking down the hallway from the Sally Port Entrance door.  Directly in front of us at the far end of the corridor is the Officer side of the Adult Processing area.

We'll take the first right as we step down the hallway for the next photo of the Adult Holding area.
Adult Processing Entrance Photo
Adult Holding Area Photo

Adult Holding Area

On our right is the Adult Holding Area where customers wait for an Officer to take them through the Booking Process.

Adult Holding Area

Another shot looking into the Holding area.  We can see that the Masons are still pretty busy throughout this area of the building.
Adult Holding Area Photo
Adult Processing Area Photo

Adult Processing

In this photo we've turned around with the Adult Holding area behind our back.  We're facing down another corridor looking into the Adult Processing Area.

Four individual Processing Cubes are on our left.  On our right are doorways to a Padded cell, Restroom, Intox Processing and Identification Processing (Finger printing).

Adult Processing

Here we're standing at the far end of the Adult Processing Area looking back towards the Adult Holding Area.  This gives us a little better view of the Processing Cubes.
Processing Cubes Photo
Processing Cube Interior Photo

Adult Processing

Here's an interior view of the Processing Cube.  Just enough room to sit down and interact with the Officer on the other side of the window

Adult Processing

The Officers side of the Processing Cube.  Computers will be used at each window to Process our customers.  This entire area is still under construction by the Masons.  A fan is in place to help remove the moisture from the masonry.
Processing Cube Officers' Side Photo
Holding Area Photo

Holding Areas

With the Processing Cubes on our left we're looking down a corridor to the interior entrance to Adult Booking.  There are two doorways on our right.  The first one is the Female Holding Area and the other is Male.

The Holding Areas are where our customers will wait after being processed for Bail or Arraignment at Court.

Male Holding Area

Now we're standing at the end of the corridor in the photo above looking into the Male Holding Area.
Male Holding Area Entrance Photo
Male Holding Area Photo

Male Holding Area

We've stepped through the doorway into the Male Holding Area.  This photo shows the two individual holding areas.  On the right is a larger group holding area.

Adult Booking Area

In this photo we're in an interior corridor looking towards the doorway that allows access to the Adult Booking Area.  This photo is the opposite end of the picture above titled "Holding Areas".

The door on our left is a Janitors closet.  On our right is the entrance to Juvenile Booking.
Adult Booking Entrance