Construction Walk Through

Construction Sign Photo
Construction Sign
Here we see a photo of the Hampton Police Department New Headquarters sign in place near the construction site just off of Brown Avenue.  It lists just a few of the many, many people involved in making the new building possible.

Garage Front Photo
The title doesn't do this structure justice.  It's actually serves many functions.  The building houses the Backup Power Generator and components of the Communications System.  Here we can see the Masons are very busy putting block up for the walls.  This was first started during the winter months but suffered from weather damage.  High winds knocked over staging and temporary shelters allowing frigid temperatures to freeze mortar.

Garage Rear Photo
Here we see the back of the garage and the base of the Radio Antenna Tower.  The Tower is part of our new Communications  system.  The Tower supports Antennas that will allow us to effectively communicate with the Fire Department, Public Works and other Agencies around our community.