Hampton New Hampshire Police Department Bench Press Standards

One-Repetition Bench Press

This is a test of adequate muscular strength or the amount of tension a muscle can exhibit in one maximal contraction.  Since the bench press goes through the full range of motion, it correlates well with total body strength criterion.  The equipment required is both a barbell bench and a barbell set, or a Universal DVR, with adequate weight capacity.

The Officer in charge estimates the weight that an individual can press in one maximum effort, by loading the weights to either about one-half the estimated maximum weight, or for males, two-thirds of their body weight, or for females, one-half of their body weight.  The individual is then instructed to press this weight once, for an easy warm-up.  You then increase the loading by increments of ten pounds or more (five pounds or more as the individual gets closer to their maximum).

The Participant shall lift each individual weight once, then load the next increment.  The first three or four reps serve as warm-up lifts to prevent muscle injury and prepare the participant for a maximal lift on the fifth and sixth efforts.

Score is the maximum weight lifted in one repetition.

One-Repetition Bench Press
Entry Level Standards

(Select Age Group/Sex Factor x Body Weight = Bench Press Weight Target)

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