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Crime Scene Bio-Hazard Safety Training
1/2-Day Specialized Workshop

Hosted by Hampton Police Department
Instructed by 24Trauma

The Crime Scene Bio-Hazard Safety Training Workshop provides sworn Public Safety Professionals with a working knowledge of the necessary tools to safely and correctly navigate through crime scenes that present as a Bio-Hazard to Investigators.  Attendees will examine the various types of bio-hazardous environments Investigators most often face: the proper methods to assess risk; how to navigate safely within a bio-hazardous crime scene and what tools are necessary to properly collect evidence in crime scene that poses a bio-hazardous threat to Investigators.  At the conclusion of the seminar, the participant will understand the necessary procedures in safely processing a crime scene that poses a bio-hazardous threat to Investigators.

This seminar will be facilitated by 24 Trauma which is a dedicated crime scene and biohazard cleaning company.

Attendees will be provided with a bag of personal protective equipment.

There will be no cost associated with this seminar.  Light refreshments will be provided.

  • When:
    Thursday 13 April 2017
    11:00am to 1:00pm

  • Where:
    Hampton Police Department
    100 Brown Avenue
    Hampton, NH 03842

  • Cost:
    Free Tuition

  • Registration Info: Officers Name, Rank, Email, Agency
    By Phone contact Lynda Stiles, (603)468-4303, E-mail LStiles@HamptonPD.com, or Fax (603)929-5800.

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