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Crime Scene Tape

3 Day-Crime Scene Processing
Hosted by Hampton Police Department
Instructed by Mike McCutcheon

3 Day-Crime Scene Processing
A “HANDS-ON” crime scene processing class in Hampton NH! This EXTENSIVE 3-DAY class is designed to teach you how to handle any crime scene.  Whether it is a car break, a burglary or a suspicious death, this class will teach you the tools necessary to process the scene.  Great for detectives and patrolmen.  There is no “Death by Powerpoint” in this class.  Participants will use all types of processing materials..

Topics Include:

  • Crime Scene Documentation and Photography (Point and shoot and DSLR)
  • Fingerprinting for ALL Surfaces and we mean ALL!
  • Footwear, Tire impressions and Tool Marks
  • Trace Evidence - Light Sources, DNA Evidence, Blood Evidence, Hair, Fibers etc...

  • When:
    Monday-Wednesday, 9-11 April 2018
    8:00am to 4:00pm
    Note - this is a three-day course!

  • Where:
    Hampton Police Department
    100 Brown Avenue
    Hampton, NH 03842
    For directions and hotel info visit the Training Page or call Lt. Tom Gudaitis at 603-468-4306.

  • Cost: $349.00

  • Registration required:
    Register Online or contact Mike McCutcheon, at mike@forensiceducation.net or 603-234-3769

  • Area Hotels:
    Ashworth Hotel   |   Hampton House   |   Best Western   |   Lamie's Inn

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