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Drug Identification
Hosted by Hampton Police Department
Instructed by Matt Griffin, Professional Law Enforcement Training

Drug Identification
Our course focuses on the preliminary Field Identification of Illegal and Diverted Legal Drugs.  Additionally we'll discuss the paraphernalia usually found and assoicated with these substances.  Students will form a foundation and resource of knowledge that aid in drug recognition and identification.  This can help your community to reduce Illegal Drug Usage and Illicit Drug Sales.  We'll provide definitions of basic drug terminology and discuss the scheduling of drugs based on the Controlled Substance ACT (CSA).  We'll also discuss the chemical make-up of controlled substances along with the manner in which they are produced for human consumption.  Students will review the manner in which controlled substances are introduced into the human body and become familiar with the physical reactions caused by use of dangerous controlled substances. 

Course Objectives:

  • Controlled Substances Defined
  • Visual Identification
  • Controlled Substance Act
  • Describe Human Responses to Ingestion of CSA
  • Describe Preparation and Processing of CSA
  • Identify Common Weights and Packaging

  • When:
    Thursday-Friday, 27-28 September 2018
    Thursday 27 Sept Start time 12 Noon, Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm
    Note - this is a two-day course!

  • Where:
    Hampton Police Department
    100 Brown Avenue
    Hampton, NH 03842
    For directions and hotel info visit the Training Page or call Lt. Tom Gudaitis at 603-468-4306.

  • Cost: $275.00

  • Registration required:
    Please contact Matt Griffin, at matt@fightingfentanyl.com or 603-762-2834

  • Area Hotels:
    Ashworth Hotel   |   Hampton House   |   Best Western   |   Lamie's Inn

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