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Law Enforcement Interview Tactics
Hosted by Hampton Police Department
Instructed by Granite State Police Career Consulting

LE Interview Tactics
Granite State Police Career Counseling, Chief Richard Sawyer and the Hampton Police Department are pleased to announce a 2 day Law Enforcement Interview Tactics Seminar being held in Hampton, New Hampshire on November 15-16, 2017.

Law Enforcement Interview Tactics is a class developed for both Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers to understand the dynamics of the interview process.  A variety of tools are presented during the class that will help the Interviewer cut through deceptive tactics that get to the truth of the matter.  Additionally students are provided the ability to properly prepare themselves to conduct that revealing interview.

Topics Include:

  • Physical and Mental Preparation
  • Proper use of Miranda
  • Assess Behavior and Confrontation
  • Truthful Behavior vs. Deceptive Behavior
  • Developing Themes
  • Working towards the Confession
  • Defense Mechanisms

  • When:
    Wednesday-Thursday, 15-16 November 2017
    9:00am to 4:00pm
    Note - this is a two-day course!

  • Where:
    Hampton Police Department
    100 Brown Avenue
    Hampton, NH 03842
    For directions and hotel info visit the Training Page or call Lt. Tom Gudaitis at 603-468-4306.

  • Cost: $235.00

  • Registration required:
    Register: Register Online Now!
    Email - tjones@gs-pcc.com

  • Area Hotels:
    Ashworth Hotel   |   Hampton House   |   Best Western   |   Lamie's Inn

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