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Chief Richard E. Sawyer announces the following Advanced Police & Public Safety Training Classes

Intentional Leadership
Tuesday-Thursday 11-13 December 2018, 0800-1600
Intentional Leadership
Leading With A Purpose

Supervisor Liability
Thursday-Friday, 10-11 January 2019, 0900-1600
Constitutional Issues for Law Enforcement Supervisors
Two Day Class Disussing Real World Issues

Open Source and Social Media Intel
Thursday-Friday 7-8 February 2019, 0800-1600
Open Source Intel
Social Media Open Source Intel Resources

Drug Identification
Thursday-Friday, 21-22 March 2019, 0800-1600
Drug Identification
Know the specifics to identify CSA items

Interviews and Interrogation
Thursday-Friday, 28-29 March 2019, 0900-1600
Law Enforcemnet Interview and Interrogation Tactics
Two Day Class on the Art of Interviewing

Evidence Management Training
Thursday-Friday, 25-26 April 2019, 0800-1600
Evidence Room Management
Know what the "Best Practices" are

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