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We lease 5-6 brand new Harley Davidson Road King FLHP's every year.  The 2007 Police model has a 103 cu. in. engine matched to a six speed transmission.  They weigh in at 750 pounds in a ready for duty configuration.  Despite their weight and size they are very maneuverable and capable of leaning over at up to 30 degrees to each side.  This is particularly important to us as much of our riding is done in confined spaces and responding through bumper to bumper traffic that we see at the beach.

Officers are selected from volunteers to work on the Motorcycle Unit.  Those that are selected for Motorcycle Duty must pass an intensive 40 Hour certification course.  After the basic class Officers must then re-certify every year to the same standards as the basic class in order to ride for that season.

One of the certification exercises involves riding the bike through a 360 degree circle of cones. The diameter of the circle is so small that you can't walk the bike through the exercise. The bike must be ridden through at extreme lean angles which often times drag the floor boards on the pavement.  Control is acheived by putting engine torque against the back brake and using your head and eyes to look where you want the bike to go.

Our Department has three certified Motorcycle Instructors who conduct the Training and Certification for our Motorcycle Operators.   Our Training is conducted over a two day period by setting up all of the exercises in a large warehouse parking lot.  This allows the riders to move through each exercise while reinforcing and building their riding skills.

Ready to Ride    Motor on the sand    Motorcycle Parking 

In addition to our Motorcycles which are used to move through traffic, we also employ two Polaris 500cc 4-Wheel Off Road Vehicles (ATV).  We utilize the ATV's for patrols in the soft sand on the beach.  Officer's can quickly respond to, and patrol, the areas along the boardwalk right down to the waters edge. The ATV's are also used during our weekly Fireworks events to establish and maintain a safe area for the public to enjoy the display.

The ATV's were purchased through a 2003 Homeland Security Grant Award that aided both the Hampton Police Department and Hampton Fire Department.  They've been instrumental in providing routine and directed patrols, medical aid, and search & rescue resourses for a wide variety of incidents that have taken place on the beach.

Polaris ATV

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